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Today’s Tough Love: Always Inside

Today’s Tough Love:

The answer is *always* inside of you.

Sometimes it’s covered with mud and wounding and confusion and self-doubt.

But it’s *always* inside of you.

So often we look outside of ourselves for everything.

For answers.

For love.

For reassurance.

For confidence.

For all the things.

We’re banging on the door of our “neighbor’s house” looking for answers, when it’s within us all along. It’s a matter of learning to understand the language of our soul and our heart and learning to trust what is real truth feels like.

Notice when you’re “leaning out” of yourself.

Start to quietly bring yourself back.

If it’s uncomfortable to be still with yourself, take baby steps into it.

Sit and breathe.

Feel into your body.

Notice the fluctuations and the anxiety or the tension, if it’s there.

Seeking the answer inside of yourself may feel challenging…but it’s always there.

Have Courage and Sparkle On 💖

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