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Today's Tough Love: Avoiding Pain

You can’t avoid your pain forever. It will get a little bit louder and a little bit worse until it blows up your entire life. And THAT is an outcome you CAN avoid. ⁠

I get it, I did it too. I’d numb with wine, with food, more wine, or push my body through too many rounds of extreme workouts in a short period of time, partly to work off the wine and the carbs, but the real motivation was to be so completely exhausted I couldn’t feel my feelings.⁠

That approach works in the short term, but it’s just a coping mechanism. It’s treating symptoms, not the underlying cause—which means that sh*t is going to show up again and again in our lives, a little bit louder and a little bit worse, each time. ⁠

The longer we go without addressing our pain, the more it will show up in our lives and relationships as repeating patterns. Eventually that pain gets so intense, we’re forced to deal because our quality of life begins to suffer dramatically. We may also “bleed” all over people who “never cut us”.⁠

The longer we wait to address pain, the worse it will get. And it WILL blow up your life at some point. It will SCREAM until it gets your attention. ⁠

Listen while it's still a whisper. ⁠

Honor your pain. ⁠

Then ask your pain:⁠

“What is my lesson?”⁠

Have Courage and Sparkle On


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