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Today's Tough Love: Be Present

Today’s Tough Love:

How many times are you truly present with what’s happening in this very moment?

Or are you fretting over the past, worrying about or yearning for things you don’t have yet in the future?

Are you with your partner, but thinking about work or scrolling on social media?

Are you with your kids, but worrying about the email you need to write or the thing that happened with that guy (damn that guy, again, what a “spoon”!) at work today?

It’s not that all those things aren’t important.

Yes, we need to plan.

Sure, we need to strategize.

But when we allow the past and the future to live in our present moment, we’re robbing ourselves of the moment.

I guarantee in five years you won’t remember the work detail you’re stressing over right now.

Seriously. Tell me what it was you were stressing about at work five years ago today that felt so freaking serious? I used to tell my sales people all the time: ”Take your job seriously, yes but keep perspective. We’re not transporting live human organs. No one will die if they don’t get their desk copy overnight”.

Take your job seriously, yes.

Take your life seriously, yes.

But don’t take it too seriously.

Take your human relationships *more* seriously.

Take your relationship with yourself *more* seriously.

Take this moment right now *more* seriously.

Are you breathing? Great, you’re alive.

Do you have a place to sleep? Great, you have shelter.

Do you have clothes? Food? Water? Great, you have basic needs met.

*BE* with yourself.

*BE* with the people you love, when you’re with them.

And when you’re at work, *BE* at work.

When you’re in the sh*t of life, BE in the sh*t of life too.

When you’re feeling your feelings, *BE* in your emotions too.

The more present you are for every aspect of your life, the good, the challenging, the mundane, the painful?

The more rich and full your life will become.

Have Courage and Sparkle On 💖


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