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Today’s Tough Love: Can you answer this?

Today’s Tough Love: If I ask you to list all the incredible, unique, wonderful things about yourself…

Whoa, did you just get super uncomfortable?


Ok, ok. How about this:

Can you list all the things about yourself that you want to improve, that you don’t do well, that you suck at?

Ohhhhhhh, those you can fire off quickly?

Got a long list of those, huh?


I see.

I get it. It feels easier to list the negative. That’s the “negativity bias” in our brains, plus all the wounds and hurts we’ve internalized over the years.

It’s time to start to shift that for yourself. Because even in your darkest times, you are still an incredible, perfectly imperfect human.

You’re one of literally eight billion humans on this planet.

No one has your energetic blueprint, your unique lived experience, your unique thoughts and feelings, your gifts and talents and abilities.

It can feel uncomfortable to embrace what’s good about us.

Either because we were taught that it wasn’t ok to be proud of ourselves (“Don’t be full of yourself! Don’t brag!”) or because we carry such deep hurts that it feels much easier to believe the negative things.

If you get wildly uncomfortable when I ask you to list the great things about yourself (I call this the “squirm”), notice it, love on it, and slowly start to ease your nervous system into accepting positive things about yourself. Because I swear to you, there are LOTS.

Have Courage and Sparkle On 💖


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