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Today's Tough Love: Discomfort with feelings

Today’s Tough Love:

Sitting with our discomfort is the way to move through it.

Sitting with the feelings we have of sadness, hurt, anger, confusion, grief, whatever is present for us.

It can feel so uncomfortable to go into those feelings.

And usually we’ll try to do anything BUT sit with our uncomfortable feelings.

We’ll numb.

We’ll avoid.

We drink, or shop, or binge watch, or distract ourselves.

It’s so natural that try to avoid pain and discomfort.

It’s a biological survival mechanism.

The only challenge here is that our biology can’t discern between what’s a pain that will genuinely threaten the survival of our species…and what’s an emotional pain that only feels threatening.

I spent a lot of years avoiding the uncomfortable feelings and running from my pain.

But what I learned is that taking a deep breath and turning to face those feelings, inviting them in to sit down and have their say, tell you what they need to share…that’s the fastest way to move through them and heal.

Sit with the discomfort - the sadness, the hurt, whatever is there that you’ve been avoiding because it’s uncomfortable. Talk to it like it’s a friend who wants to share something hard with you.

Turn toward it. It will get easier.

The more you avoid it, the more it will prolong the pain.

(This is definitely a “choose your hard” situation!)

Have Courage and Sparkle On 💖


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