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Today’s Tough Love:⁠ Don't Believe Everything You Think

⁠Humans think, on average, between 60 and 80,000 thoughts per day.⁠

Most of those unconscious thoughts are coming from years and years of internalized traumas and key decisions. ⁠

They’re coming from stories we’ve told ourselves for years, until they’ve become so real for us that we believe them. ⁠

That means you’re running on auto-pilot with all of those unconscious thoughts, and their baseline is NOT a helpful one.⁠

If you let those thoughts keep running rampant as unconscious programming, it’s like a toddler high on sugar, running around getting into sh*t.⁠

No wonder you feel like 💩!⁠

Obviously we can’t catch every single one of those 60 to 80,000 thoughts…⁠

But what you CAN do is start to reprogram your thinking.⁠

Start to become aware of the thoughts you’re thinking (metacognition) and notice what the common theme is.⁠

Are you always feeling bad? Shame? Guilt? Fear?⁠

Are those thoughts negative? Full of worry? Anxiety?⁠

Your underlying programming needs to be upgraded! ⁠

(I mean, unless you like running that old programming that makes you feel like 💩)⁠

CHOOSE a different thought, and keep choosing a different thought. ⁠

And if you notice certain unconscious thoughts have a common theme, it’s probably a sign for you that you may need some deeper healing work around the source of those thoughts!⁠

Regardless, YOU HAVE THE POWER to shift. ⁠

Don’t let the “toddler” keep running the show.

Have Courage and Sparkle On 💖


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