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Today's Tough Love: Don't Fear Feelings

Don’t be afraid of feelings.

Very few of us were “taught” how to “feel our feelings” in a healthy way.

So most of us formed survival mechanisms around feelings.

We either suppress them (hi, badness…let’s stop doing that)


We bottle them up until they explode all over…then the pressure releases and we settle out again…

And start bottling our feelings up again until they explode…again…

And then you repeat that cycle over and over and over and over again…usually to the detriment of our personal (romantic) relationships.

And speaking of feelings, a little PSA:

Please, please, for the love of coffee and furry animals:

Do not tell people who are sharing with you about their pain, hurt, or frustration:

“Don’t feel that way”


“Don’t feel like that”

It may be well-intentioned but it’s a form of dismissing people and bypassing.

It’s also a big neon sign that YOU (yes, you, beautiful) are uncomfortable being with feelings and emotions.

It’s information for you that feelings have felt super foreign, and maybe even unsafe.

The only way to break that pattern is to start relating to your feelings and emotions differently (if you need support, I know a gal 😉).

Trust me, it may feel scary at first but it’s WAY easier in the long run. Your life will improve across the board when you learn how to naturally allow your feelings to flow through you as opposed to getting bottled up until they explode like Mount Vesuvius.

Have Courage and Sparkle on 💖


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