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Today's Tough Love: Don't fear your shadows

Today’s Tough Love:

Don’t be afraid of your shadows.

In order to grow, to learn, to heal, to expand?

We need to be willing to explore our darkness as much as our light.

We need to be willing to turn *toward* the feelings we have of sadness, anger, frustration, whatever may be present….and move through them rather than pushing against them.

This sometimes gets twisted up.

Having a positive mindset and a positive baseline is not the same as this “positive vibes only” bullsh*t.

That is bypassing and it doesn’t help anyone.

What DOES help is being able to sit with and acknowledge our more challenging emotions.

Because as humans, we experience a range of emotions for a myriad of reasons.

The only way to heal is to go into the ones that keep showing up.

Let’s say you consistently find yourself feeling angry over a “spoon” (if you remember my analogy!)

Instead of shaming yourself about it, or telling yourself you just need to suck it up and “be positive”….

…what if instead you allowed yourself to get still and “go into” the feeling. What would that anger tell you about the situation?

What else might be going on that’s sparking that feeling for you? Usually we have to dig a few layers deep, but there’s always something else under it. And once we get there, we can work with it. We can heal it or release it or just love the sh*t out of it until it softens. That’s the way through.

But if we “positive bypass” our way over those tough feelings, we’ll never heal. We’ll never clear out the dirt.

Positivity bypassing is the same as slapping a fresh coat of paint over a moldy wall. It’ll look better for a minute, but the underlying problem will show up again.

Have the Courage to go into your shadows…

And Sparkle On 💖


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