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Today's Tough Love: Glowing Rectangles

Today’s Tough Love:

Have you become addicted to the glowing rectangles?

You know. The glowing rectangles.

You wake up in the morning and look at your small glowing rectangle.

Maybe you watch the large glowing rectangle while you’re getting ready to go to work and stare at the medium glowing rectangle (while you’re also scrolling on your small glowing rectangle).

Then you come home and reward yourself with the large glowing rectangle, maybe while you’re looking on the lap-sized medium glowing rectangle or scrolling through the small glowing rectangle (or all three).

Then you crawl into bed and stare at the small glowing rectangle again.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

We’re addicted to glowing rectangles.

Don’t get me wrong. Glowing rectangles allow me to communicate with you like this. Glowing rectangles give me the ability to reach you, and thousands of people like you, with messages I feel are important reminders for living a more peaceful, happy human experience. Glowing rectangles allow me to do that.

And I LOVE them for that. I love the convenience and connection it gives us…

But let’s also become aware of the ways that the glowing rectangle DISCONNECTS us.

Are you out to dinner with your partner, sitting in silence scrolling on your small glowing rectangles?

Are you walking the dog, staring at the small glowing rectangle?

Are you (*eek*) staring at the small glowing rectangle while driving?

And all those times that you’re staring at the small glowing rectangle…or watching the large glowing rectangle…or thinking about the medium sized glowing rectangle…

Are you feeling better?

Are you feeling less stressed? Less worried? Less anxious?

Are you feeling more connected? Or less?

Let’s balance our glowing rectangles.

Let’s place them back into balance.

Remember to connect with the *real* humans around us.

Remember to connect with nature.

Remember to connect with our breath.

Remember to connect with ourselves.

Because you’ve got a glow inside too…and your light gets dimmer the more you ignore it in favor of those glowing rectangles. And that light gets brighter when you turn your attention to it more often, and start to tune in to yourself again.

Have Courage and Sparkle On 💖


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