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Today's Tough Love: It's Never About You

It’s never about you.

No, really.

It isn’t.

How people act or react to you? That’s their sh*t.

How you act and react to other people? That’s your sh*t.

It’s never about you, when it comes to other people.

Trust me on this one.

Just like no one can “make you feel” any type of way, it’s never about you.

You can take this one to the bank and let it free you from a lot of unnecessary frustration and suffering:

So often we get wrapped around the axle on how other people are acting, what they’re

saying, how they’re reacting or responding to us…

…and it’s really never about you.

If someone is an inherently wounded and angry person, they’ll react from that place.

If someone has done their healing work, they’re unlikely to fly into a rage or project anger or hurt or blame onto you.

Too often we take how others react and respond personally, when it TRULY *is not about you*.

You’re just a “spoon” for them…and they’ve got sh*t that’s getting stirred up.

It’s never about you.

Disclaimer: this DOES NOT mean tolerating generally bad or abusive behavior or not having boundaries…that’s entirely different. “It’s never about you” is a statement illustrating that everyone is responding from their own sh*t and it’s never personal. It’s for you to have a deeper understanding of this truth, rather than allowing yourself to get hung up on another person’s reaction and believing it’s an attack or a commentary on who you are as a person. It’s not. It’s NEVER “about you”.

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