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Today's Tough Love: Making Meaning

Today’s Tough Love:

Humans are meaning making machines. We will take a series of facts/events and apply a meaning to it. What meaning we apply is typically being filtered through our unconscious key decisions about ourselves and through the stories we’ve created from our own unhealed wounds.

When we have those unconscious wounds driving us, it’s like we’re wearing a pair of colored glasses… everything we look at SEEMS like it has a certain tint to it. If you’re constantly making the same meaning of a similar event (say, you constantly feel left out or like most people are acting a certain type of way toward you), then it’s a sign that there’s an unhealed wound underneath and it’s showing you where you may want to do some loving work to heal.

Next time you’re feeling a type of way, ask yourself if there’s a meaning you’re making of it - and whether there’s another possible meaning you *could* make.

(Disclaimer: nowhere here am I saying you bypassing real feelings. There is a big difference between bypassing your feelings and resourcing yourself into a more positive and productive place)

Have Courage and Sparkle On 💖


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