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Today's Tough Love: No microwave solutions or quick fix

Today’s Tough Love:

There is no “quick fix” for lasting healing and change.

There is no “microwave solution”, and anyone who tells you there is…well, use your own discernment here.

Yes, I sell transformation for my clients.

YES, I sell change.

And I am also very f*cking real about what that looks like and what my clients need to do in order to see those results.

But there is no “magic pill” that will change or heal you overnight.

It might be sexier for me to tell you there is, I might even get more clients up front if I tried to sell you that line, but I’d be bullsh*tting to you. And that’s not how I roll. Because I want all my clients to see REAL and lasting results. And I know how to get that for them.

And it’s not a microwave solution.

Yes, there are way to speed up the process…

Just like there are ways to delay the process.

Looking for a “quick fix” is NEVER going to give you real change.

Just like the diet pill craze…it’s a short term illusion of a solution that is going to likely have negative long term impact.

Listen, I get it.

For most of my life, I was the most impatient human on the planet.

What I know to be true is that REAL change?

LASTING change?

REAL healing?

None of it happens overnight.

But the GREAT news?

When you stop seeking the “quick fix” and actually following the true process, THAT change and healing?

Well it’s going to be permanent.

It’s going to last.

Taking the “long way” is actually the most efficient way.

Have Courage and Sparkle On 💖

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