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Today's Tough Love: No one is coming to rescue you

Today’s Tough Love:

It was 2008.

I remember exactly where I was sitting, in my home office in a tiny rental house on the Florida Gulf, when I heard these words:

📣“No one is coming to rescue you”📣

It was a record-scratch.

A mic-drop.

Seven simple words that packed a punch.

But not the kind that levels you…

…the kind that shocks you awake.

…the kind you never forget.

📣“No one is coming to rescue you.”📣

I had to stop flailing around in the ocean of life and take control of my own “rescue”.

Because no one is coming to rescue you.

No parent.

No partner.

No friend.

No job.

No lottery.

No government.

No religion.

No one is coming to rescue you.

You have to decide you’re going to rescue yourself.

Then you can receive support from all of those other things.

But none of them are going to rescue you.

And the more you fuss and blame and complain and wait for that life boat?

The more time and energy you’re wasting that you could be spending doing the inner work, making the plans, finding a way over-under-around-and-through every obstacle thrown your way…because most of the obstacles are going to be of your own making (and meaning making).

Rescue yourself. It’s an inside job.

Have Courage and Sparkle On. 💖


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