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Today's Tough Love: Shame will block your healing and growth

Today’s Tough Love:

The biggest block to healing or change is this:


Shame for something we did, or didn’t do.

Shame for what we said, or didn’t say.

Shame for our behavior, our thoughts, our actions.

Shame for what was done *to* us.

Shame will have you hide.

Shame is the lowest energetic vibration of emotion we can be in.

Shame is heavy.

The heaviness of shame will have you hide the *exact* thing that needs to be brought to light to be witnesses and healed.

Shame says “I am bad” (Brent Brown)

Shame tells you that you won’t be loved, if anyone knows.

Shame says you’ll be rejected, cast out, judged.

Shame will hold you down.

It will hold you back.

It will keep you small.

It will feed the negative stories we have about ourselves…

And make us heavy, darker, less ourselves.


We’re human. Even “the best of us” have done things we aren’t proud of or had things done to us, that we’d rather erase.

It can feel scary to witness your shame, to bring it to light.

But until you do, you will be vulnerable. Until you own it and bring it to light, you’ll never be truly free.

You are deeply loved. You are deeply seen.

Whatever your shame….love it slowly into the light, so you can finally be free.

Have Courage, and Sparkle On…💖


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