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Today's Tough Love:⁠ Shoulding on yourself?

"Shoulding" on yourself is blocking you. ⁠

It's keeping you stuck. ⁠

It's blocking you from feeling, healing, changing. ⁠

When you're telling yourself how you SHOULD feel rather than honoring how you ACTUALLY feel? It creates an (unconscious) mistrust of yourself ("how can I trust how I feel if I never allow myself to actually feel it?") and it literally keeps you stuck. ⁠

Feelings are never wrong. ⁠

Running from your feelings, avoiding them, pushing them away, shaming ourselves by saying we "should" or "shouldn't" feel a certain type of way (when we do) will block you from moving to the next level of anything you're working through, consciously or unconsciously. ⁠

Can we all agree to stop SHOULDING on ourselves, and start embracing what's really true for us?⁠

Have the courage not to "should"...⁠

Have Courage and Sparkle On 💖⁠


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