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Today’s Tough Love: Take Each Day

Every day is different.

It’s ok if you had a hard day.

Don’t camp out and live there.

Don’t make it mean anything about you.

Ashtanga yoga taught me this (and so many others) lesson.

In that practice, you show up on your mat every day for a 90 minute practice.

Let me tell you, no two days were ever the same.

Some days, I was so flexible I could have passed for Gumby.

Other days, I was the Tin Man and could barely touch my toes.

But each day, I would show up.

“Come as you are.”

And I didn’t make it mean anything about me.

It was just where my body was that day. So I let it be there, without creating a story about

what it meant about me.

Every day is different.

Don’t make it mean anything about you and your progress.

Just make the next right choice, and keep showing up for yourself with love and compassion.

Have Courage and Sparkle On


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