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Today's Tough Love: The Thing Is Between You and the Magic

That thing you’ve been avoiding?⁠

You know…⁠

The thing you don’t want to look at?⁠

Think maybe if you ignore it long enough, it’ll go away?⁠

(Spoiler alert: it won’t)⁠

The thing you’ve been avoiding…⁠

…looking at ⁠

…feeling into⁠

…admitting to yourself⁠

The thing you’ve been avoiding facing…⁠

…the relationship⁠

…the boundary⁠

…the issue⁠

…the conversation⁠

The thing you’ve been avoiding?⁠

Go there.⁠

Take a deep breath and go into it.⁠

Face down the fear.⁠

There’s freedom on the other side.⁠

Be brave enough to face the thing.⁠

Because on the other side of facing it?⁠

That’s where the magic is.⁠

Have Courage and Sparkle On 💖


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