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Today's Tough Love: This is what I would gift everyone

Today’s Tough Love:

I used to say if I could give everyone in the world a gift, it would be the gift of self-love

I no longer believe that.

My answer has changed.

I would give them all the knowledge of their own courage.

I would gift them all the awareness of the courage that is *already* within them.

Courage to have the hard conversations.

Courage to set boundaries.

Courage to use your voice.

Courage to do the d*mn thing.

Courage to say “Yes”.

Courage to say “No”.

Courage to leave.

Courage to heal.

Courage to take a look at your patterns.

Courage to take a look at your hurts, wounds, and traumas (big “T” or little “t”)

Courage to admit what isn’t working.

Courage to change.

Courage to rise.


Notice I didn’t say I would gift them courage?

I would gift the knowledge that it’s *already* in everyone.

You just have to tap into it.

Have Courage and Sparkle On 💖

P.S. There’s still time to join the Courage to Change Challenge! We start next week!


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