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Today's Tough Love: What a cold hot dog has to do with self love

What does a cold 🌭hot dog 🌭have to do with self love?

There are a thousand reasons why “self love” is so important. Here’s a big one, and I want to give you an analogy.

Let’s say you normally eat pretty healthy and make good choices for your body and your overall health.

Let’s say you’re also on a road trip…and you didn’t really plan ahead, and you haven’t been able to nourish your body (at all).

You’re in the middle of nowhere. You’re STARVING.

You’re even getting a little light-headed.

And you find a gas station, in the middle of nowhere.

Great!!! FOOD!!!” you think.

But when you go inside, their shelves are bare.

The only thing that’s available is one lonely hot dog, spinning quality on a spit under a broken heat lamp.🌭

You wouldn’t normally eat it…but…

You’re starving.


So….you take your chances, and eat it, because it’s the closest thing you can find to food.

What does a cold 🌭hot dog 🌭have to do with self love?

When you’re starving inside for love, you’ll swallow anything that looks REMOTELY like it…even it’s unhealthy, or even toxic.

Have Courage and Sparkle On 💖


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