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Today's Tough Love: What You Resist, Persists

What you resist, persists.⁠

This is why I stress how important it is to allow yourself to feel what’s present for you, whatever it is.⁠

The more we fight against something, the more it will stay (and “fight back”).⁠

The more we ignore something, the louder it will get in order to be heard.⁠

You can fight against your shame.⁠

You can fight against your fear.⁠

You can fight against your feelings.⁠

It’s your choice….⁠


What we resist, persists.⁠

The more you tell yourself you “shouldn’t feel” something?⁠

Well, the more you’re making it worse.⁠

The way to move through it is to feel it.⁠

Not to “should” on yourself.⁠

Allow it to be there, instead of fighting it.⁠

Because whether you think you “should” or “shouldn’t” feel some type of way, the facts are that you DO.⁠

So instead of fighting it, avoiding it, arguing with it…⁠

Just let it be there.⁠

Take a deep breath and say, “Ok…let’s do this”⁠

And let yourself feel it or think it or experience the thing you’ve been resisting.⁠

That is the FASTEST way to move through anything.⁠

Have Courage and Sparkle On 💖


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