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Today's Tough Love: Without an apology

Today’s Tough Love:

Most of the time, you’re going to have to heal from things you never got an apology for…and for which you may never get an apology.

Waiting for that apology from someone else to start your healing?

You’re waiting on something that may never come.

That apology you want from…

Your ex?

Your parents?

Your friend?

Your boss?

Your family?

Your sibling?

It may never come.

And even if it did, you might not feel any better.

Because even though you may want the apology…

You may even deserve the apology…

You can’t put your healing on hold waiting for something that may never come.

Don’t hold your own life hostage waiting on “closure” from the other person.

Healing is an inside job.

Give yourself the “closure” you think you need from someone else.

Start your healing without it.

Don’t rob your future by staying stuck in hurt and suffering because you’re waiting for something that may never come.

Heal anyway.

You’re worth it.

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