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Today's Tough Love: You are seen, loved, and acknowledged

Today’s Tough Love: There’s a difference between acknowledging and honoring a real feeling… and camping out and living in a victim story while defending it with all our might and arguing for our limitations.

(I said what I said.)

Like *constantly* lamenting “life is hard”.

Listen, life IS hard sometimes.

It just is. There are hard things that happen, hard things we experience, and live through.

And we can honor that fact, while not camping out and living in the story that “life is hard”.

I know, I know. Before you “at” me in the comments…hear me out.

When people are arguing for their limitation, or reading you the list of the reasons defending why they are the way they are or their commitment to loudly championing that “life is hard”…

I don’t actually believe it’s about that at all. I really don’t. I don’t believe anyone really *wants* to fight for that limitation or story.

I believe it comes from a deep need to have our pain, our experience, acknowledged. (See: why I think bypassing is bullsh*t)

We all just want to be f*cking *seen* and *acknowledged* for the hard shit that’s happened to us, or that we’ve experienced or are experiencing.

So here it is:

Honor that your experience WAS f*cking real. It WAS (or is) real. It WAS (or is) challenging. It WAS (or is) hard.

Honor yourself for those very real feelings.

And keep moving forward without championing that “hard” as an ongoing state of being.

Have Courage and Sparkle On 💖


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