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Today's Tough Love: Your "spoons" are a gift

Today’s Tough Love

Remember my analogy about the “spoon”? 🥄

If I have two glasses of water in front of me, and one glass is completely clear. The other glass of water has some dirt settled to the bottom of it. If I stick a spoon in the clear glass, and stir…what happens? Nothing. There’s nothing to be stirred up. It stays clear. If I put that spoon in the glass with the dirt settled at the bottom, and stir…what happens? Allllll of the dirt gets swirled up like a tornado through that glass.

🥄Who are your “spoons”? 🥄

When you feel triggered, the “spoon” is kicking up the “dirt”.

We can either react to it, or we can see it as an opportunity to see what’s within you that’s being agitated.

🥄That “spoon” is showing you where your “dirt” is.🥄

With no dirt in your glass, that spoon can stir all day long and you won’t get triggered or react.

So rather than hating or resisting the “spoon”, see these “spoons” as invitations to look at where your “dirt” is and where you have inner work to do.

*That’s* how you really become “unf*ckwithable” 😉

Have Courage and Sparkle On 💖



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