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Today's Tough Love: Your Stories

What are your stories? What are the stories you tell over and over again about yourself and your life? And are you aware you’re doing it?

Usually we aren’t aware of the stories that we keep telling. Those stories were created unconsciously and we just keep living them over and over again.

Let’s take your money story.

(Did you know that you HAVE a money story? We all do.)

Let’s say you keep repeating that you grew up poor, every time the topic of money comes up. That’s become YOUR money story, and often you’re going to see threads of that reflected in your current reality. (This topic is so much deeper than I can cover in one post, by the way. We are *scratching the surface* here)

Listen: it may well be a fact that you DID grow up poor. But if you’re constantly repeating that story, then there’s likely some sticky threads for you around what money means, what having money means, what not having it means.

And that’s just one example. We all have stories we’re telling about our lives.

The big question is: do you like the story you’ve been telling? If not, are you ready to write a new one?

Have Courage and Sparkle On 💖


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