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Familiar isn't the same as healthy

Today’s Tough Love:

Just because something feels familiar doesn’t mean it’s home.

Humans are wired to adapt, to survive, but our modern society has outstripped our evolutionary biology.

Adaptation is a survival mechanism for a species.

“Adapting” to conflict, unhealthy relationships, tension, stress, anxiety? That’s a survival mechanism.

And bless our systems for that.

It helps us navigate situations when we’re in them. The problem comes when we can never bring our systems back to baseline…

When they stay pegged at *survival* so it starts to feel “normal” and “familiar”.

For example: Just because something you’re experiencing in a relationship feels “familiar”?

Doesn’t mean it’s home. Intense conflict? Anger? Mood swings?

Being spoken to in a degrading, demeaning, or otherwise disrespectful way?

Maybe it feels familiar because of your past.

Don’t confuse “familiar” with healthy or home.

You deserve peace.

If you don’t know what that feels like or looks like, you deserve to find out.

Have Courage and Sparkle On 💖


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