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Today’s Tough Love: Worry Whirring

Today’s Tough Love:

Worry is robbing your life of joy (and all the other good stuff).

Worry is also a way of negative goal setting.

There is a big difference between “worry” and planning.

It’s responsible to plan.

It’s anxiety-producing to worry about what’s out of your control.

You making yourself sick, stressed, and anxious with worrying isn’t doing a damn bit of good to anyone (least of all you).

If you’re in the “worry whirring”, break the cycle.

Where can you find certainty that you’ll be ok no matter what?

And if you catch yourself future tripping on the negative (because our brains like to do that)…

CATCH IT…and actively challenge your brain with this question:

What are all the positive things that could happen?

Have Courage and Sparkle On 💖


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